Osteopathy for golfers

Well it is that time of year where golfing season is just about back into full swing, so it may be time to ensure your body is in good health. You may have a few ongoing niggles you’d like to be rid of, or some more debilitating injuries that unfortunately may be keeping you off the golf course all together.

How can Osteopathy improve your game?

Osteopathy works in harmony with the biomechanics of the body and the golf swing itself. Osteopaths use techniques such as muscle energy techniques, high velocity thrusts (HVT), stretching and articulation.Through good treatment plans, clients have enjoyed increased lengths to their drive, a better short game, less or no pain with previous injuries, more energy throughout the 18 holes, better recovery and consequently more enjoyment!

A consultation looks at your medical history and all previous injuries or concerns. This is followed by a full postural and biomechanical assessment, including strength and flexibility testing, sensory and reflexes changes, joint mobility testing for the spine and peripheral joints.

Osteopaths are qualified to perform orthopaedic testing to determine which structures may be involved. After a full examination is carried a treatment plan will be devised to improve your health and give advice to help you reach better performance and enjoyment.